Computational Multiscale Fracture

June 25 - 29 2012
Joint course to the training program  of the EU industry academy partnership pathways "INTERCER2 - Modelling and optimal design of ceramic structures with defects and imperfect interfaces" research project.

DICATA aula seminariDICATA, Faculty of Engineering, University of Brescia at " Aula Seminari"

The summer school is contextual to the prestigious IUTAM Symposium Fracture phenomena in nature and technologya held at the University of Brescia, Faculty of Engineering, from July 1st to 5th which will bring together leading international experts in the field of Fracture Mechanics. The school will focus on issues of modern fracture mechanics. The applications of the discipline - from healthcare to energy, transport, as well as manufacturing industry - are of major significance in the daily life. The current economy crisis calls for innovative visions and new scientific achievements. It challenges industry and Universities to translate into benefits on human quality of life the evolution of science and technology.

The summer school aims at being a site of international scientific dissemination, in which knowledge generated in prestigious international research institutions will be transferred in an organic and structured way to scientists from all over the world. In particular, it will focus on computational applications at different scales, from continuum to quantum mechanics, in terms of theoretical formulations, computational strategies and industrial applications. The school seems of high academic and industrial interest and the lectures represent the frontier of international research in the field.